AR Design & 3D Printing of African Ceramics Collection

AR Presentation by Jeremiah Ikongio at hFACTOR hub

Ceramics are often seen as something from the past – crockery and tableware from a bygone age that looks great in a museum. Lessons from the ancients and their engineering and craft has also left clues for 21st century humans to react and adapt to climate change too.

Working with pottery and ceramics as archival materials, the project studies and recreates pottery from different parts of the world collaborating with other artists starting with Nigeria, the continent and finally globally. Different pots are recreated as 3D assets with photogrammetry and then using Artificial Intelligence design the the 3D model for interaction at various levels with Augmented Reality and 3D Printing using recycled materials.

Pottery Ibadan

Pottery Belem

Pottery Osogbo

Pottery Ile-Ife

Pottery Mokola

14:15 pm - 15:15 pm CAT
15th October


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